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About Us

Welcome to App to Hire Solutions, your premier destination for tailored strategic recruitment solutions bespoke for you.

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that businesses face in today's digital landscape. That's why we have designed a comprehensive platform that combines the power of our partnerships with industry-specific expertise to help you maximize both your advertising and engagement efforts to drive exceptional results.

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A2H Portal

Our centralised distribution portal is the future of job delivery, connecting talent and opportunity seamlessly and effectively like never before.

Leveraging the power of a centralised distribution hub, we are revolutionising the job delivery process across all industries and professions.

Harnessing the efficiency of our automated system, we guarantee that job opportunities find their perfect match swiftly and accurately. By consolidating job delivery via our Portal, we drastically reduce the time required for onboarding, making the process more efficient than ever. This innovative approach simplifies the job distribution process for brands, employers, job boards and direct from your ATS or careers site.

Our unique approach provides you with a simplistic journey of getting your jobs live and visible to the right candidates.


Hosting Network

We provide a solution that not only meets your needs, but exceeds them, setting a new standard for job distribution our suite of websites offers a comprehensive range of job opportunities specifically targeted at different industries.

Whether you're in the hospitality sector, healthcare, retail, technology, sports, or any other field, we have the ability to supply a dedicated website that focuses exclusively on your job listings and career opportunities within your brand or industry. This ensures that your roles are targeting the most relevant applicants.

We understand that different industries have unique skill sets, qualifications, and job market dynamics. Therefore, our websites are designed to deliver a seamless user experience, providing industry-specific job listings, resources, and insights to help drive the right candidate activity.

Take advantage of either a specialised network site or to elevate all your job opportunities to cover seasoned professionals, mid to senior-level positions or entry-level candidates.


The Hospitality Network The Jobs Network

Programmatic Solution

Broaden your horizons and expose your job vacancies to a larger pool of potential candidates, enhancing the diversity and talent in your organization.

Say goodbye to guesswork in finding relevant candidates for your business. Our programmatic job distribution solutions places your ads in the right places, ensuring you reach the right candidates and achieve cost-effective hiring.

With these solutions, you have the flexibility to allocate your recruitment budget according to your changing needs. Increase brand awareness or Pay only when you receive completed applications or even opt for our CV to inbox solution. Keep track of the data that matters and set your own goals for successful recruitment.

By reaching more sites and job seekers than ever before. This unique programmatic network provides maximum visibility and also clear cost model that you are in control of.

Manage and build your own data-driven network with ease and transparency, connecting directly from your ATS or Careers Site to find the perfect employees for your business


How We Can Support Your Business

These aspects, among others, help organisations attract, retain, and develop a talented workforce, which is essential for achieving long-term success and competitiveness in today's talent landscape.

A2H Solutions would work collaboratively with your organisation to develop a holistic and data-driven approach to workforce planning and strategy. Assisting you in making informed decisions, reduce turnover, and ensure that you have the right talent in place to achieve your business objectives.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step One

Alignment with Business Goals:

Ensuring that the talent strategy aligns with the overall business objectives and growth plans is crucial. Talent should be strategically acquired and developed to support the company's mission and goals.

Step Two

Recruitment and Talent Acquisition:

Effective recruitment processes, including sourcing, assessment, and selection, are essential to attract top talent. A well-defined approach to finding and onboarding the right candidates is a cornerstone of a successful talent strategy.

Step Three

Employee Development and Retention:

Talent strategies should include provisions for continuous learning and development opportunities for employees. This helps in retaining existing talent by offering growth pathways within the organisation.

Step Four

Diversity and Inclusion / Social Mobility

Prioritising diversity and inclusion in the workplace is increasingly important. A talent strategy should include measures to promote diversity, equality, and inclusion, as diverse teams often lead to better innovation and problem-solving.

Step Five

Performance Management and Succession Planning:

Establishing clear performance management systems, including regular feedback and performance evaluations, helps in identifying high-potential employees and planning for succession. A talent strategy should include steps for developing future leaders within the organisation.

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Our solutions and partnerships not only meet your needs, they exceed them!

Reach out to us to discuss your requirements and see how we can help with any of the below aspects

Hosting a Network or Careers Site

Focused websites created to highlight specific content you need. Our Hosting Networks are the infrastructure that supports these sites, ensuring they are accessible to online visitors.

Job Distribution:

The A2H Portal is our central platform that streamlines various HR and recruitment processes. Job Distribution involves the dissemination of job listings to multiple online platforms with the correct optimisation to reach a wider pool of potential candidates.

Media Buying & Planning:

Media Buying involves us purchasing advertising or time in various media channels such as Job boards, TV, radio, online, or even print. Media Planning is the strategic process of determining where and when to then place these ads to achieve your recruitment marketing goals.

Programmatic Advertising:

Programmatic Advertising is an automated, data-driven approach to buying and placing digital ads in real-time. It uses algorithms to target specific audiences and optimize ad placements.

Tech Advisory Network:

Our Tech Advisory Network refers to providing guidance and expertise on technology solutions from our exclusive partnerships. This may involve recommending software or platforms to enhance your business via our marketplace.

Transparent Data & Cost Model:

This section emphasises our commitment and the importance of clarity and transparency in financial costs and data handling. It suggests a commitment to openness in disclosing pricing structures and data management practices to clients and stakeholders.

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